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‚ÄčClients will feel confident that they are working with someone who has been in their shoes.  We will partner to successfully deliver results during your strategic business changes, and equip your teams to effectively manage future transitions.

YOU HAVE A MISSION.  It's time to reveal it.

Clients can expect an experienced professional, who will facilitate strategic leadership conversations and deliver training, to align executives in achieving business goals, drive organizational and team effectiveness, and build leadership skills.

About Reveal

Clients can count on a coach, who is passionate about working with human beings to achieve the results you desire in life, to develop greater life satisfaction, and to reveal the person that you want to be.  We will co-create practices and actions that support you in living the life that you crave.

Know the answers to your challenges in life and work but haven't found the time to make changes? Need someone to hold you accountable? Have an organizational or leadership challenge that needs support? Contact me today for a free consultation and/or a powerful coaching conversation! 

Jill Rafia, Principal and Owner, pairs a lifelong curiosity for understanding how things work with 15 years of corporate, global HR experience and tried-and-true coaching and consulting skills to help you successfully deliver on your most challenging organizational projects. She also loves helping individuals design transitions through life changes and create new stories for their lives, whether it is deciding what to do when you "grow up", taking on a new role in an organization, or adjusting to new changes in your life.  She will work with you to reveal the best YOU to your organization, team, family and friends... Learn More

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